Workshops & Retreats

Contemplative workshops and retreats offer the chance to get away and deepen your contemplative life. Whether it’s for an hour-long yoga class, a day retreat, or an inservice opportunity, these contemplative classes will connect you to a community of learners.

Longer Programs

Longer Kairos programs allow participants to grow their contemplative capacities in specific, directed ways. Two-year Spiritual Direction Training is a supervised certificate program that teaches the art and practice of Spiritual Direction. 

About Kairos

In 1992, Kairos School of Spiritual Formation began by offering a monthly retreat focused on deepening persons’ faith with contemplative methods, while also providing training for accompanying others on their spiritual journey. Kairos grew to offer multiple programs and wrote a Spiritual Formation Christian Education curriculum. 

Kairos is best known for offering a supervised, two-year certificate program, teaching the art and practice of spiritual direction. 

In early 2019, Kairos expanded its reach by reorganizing as a program under the Parish Resource Center. Kairos at PRC is continuing the commitment to broadening the contemplative aspects of faith in our community and beyond.