• June 4, 2024
    12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
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This workshop has been postponed to June 4.

We all know that fundraising is probably not why you do this work. You are doing this work to help people. But fundraising is often the necessary means to that end. So how do you fundraise effectively to get the money that you need without losing your passion? This workshop will offer important tenets to maximize your fundraising, including:

  • Be efficient: We will analyze different styles of fundraising and find the ones that best fit your organization so you can fundraise as efficiently as possible.
  • Use every asset: Identify the strengths of your people and organization so that you can capitalize on the assets you already have before you invest in new fundraising projects or consultants.
  • Invest well: Your time is valuable and fundraising can take a lot of it. How do you decide where to most efficiently use your energy? We’ll discuss how to effectively invest your time for the best fundraising outcomes so that it’s not detracting from the day-to-day work that your organization does.
  • Shift your framing: Fundraising is not begging or bothering your donors, even if it feels that way sometimes. It is a chance to share your passion, and encourage others to be part of something exciting and deeply meaningful. Learn how to effectively invite donors to join you in supporting your critical work without feeling like a nuisance.
  • Target it: What makes you and your organization unique? What is this person passionate about and where does that overlap with your organization? We’ll talk about how to target the right invitation to the right person.

Learn how to fund the work you are passionate about, without losing your passion!


About the Instructors:

Kate Good, PRC’s Executive Director, is the driving force behind PRC’s highly responsive program design and current standing as a respected and sought-after strategic partner. She manages daily operations, directly supervises all staff, maintains growing community relationships, and has diversified and expanded PRC’s streams of income. Prior to her role at PRC, Kate specialized in brand development and marketing, serving on an executive team that put multiple books on the New York Times bestseller list. She worked closely with a number of national nonprofits – Mayo Clinic, the Avon Foundation, and the American Diabetes Association – to develop tools and programming that increased the accessibility of their medical research and tools. She is a graduate of Eastern Mennonite University and George Mason University.

Rhoda Shirk, PRC’s Director of Community Initiatives, has a B.A. in Digital Media and a B.A. in Photography. She studied International Human Rights in grad school with a concentration in Communications. Before starting at PRC in 2019, she worked as Marketing Manager for a local business which included online marketing, in-person sales, retail management, and employee training. She has been part of planning and executing successful fundraising events and appeals in small nonprofits, large regional nonprofits, and international development organizations. At PRC, she is part of the grant writing process as well as donor appeals.


Thank you to the Lancaster County Community Foundation for their support of PRC’s Toolkit Series. To see the rest of the workshops in this series, click here.