• June 11, 2024
    12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
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We’ve all heard it, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Photographs and graphics can add to your communication or detract from it. They can bring life to paragraphs of text or distract the reader. Infographics can make data accessible, or even more confusing. Social media can keep your stakeholders connected and informed, but creating the never ending materials social media demands can be a demoralizing drain on your staff.

This workshop will work through some basic tenets of good photography and graphic design. We’ll introduce some free and paid software options, and explain the strengths and weaknesses of each (including Canva, Photoshop, Publisher, and built-in phone software). We’ll also look at some simple suggestions for labeling, organizing, and backing up your visuals, since they are only as good as your ability to find and use them!

We will discuss very practical issues, like the paperwork of photography releases, as well as more theoretical issues like the power imbalances of photographing and depicting vulnerable populations.

About the Instructor: Rhoda Shirk, PRC’s Director of Community Initiatives, has a B.A. in Digital Media and a B.A. in Photography. She studied International Human Rights in grad school with a concentration in Communications. Before starting at PRC in 2019, she worked as Marketing Manager for a local business. Her past work has included everything from social media management to signage design to marketing strategies, in small family businesses, large regional nonprofits, and international development organizations.


Thank you to the Lancaster County Community Foundation for their support of PRC’s Toolkit Series. To see the rest of the workshops in this series, click here.

All sales are non-refundable.