PRC’s community initiatives are about leveraging connection: connecting churches across denominations, connecting nonprofits with one another, connecting social workers with volunteer aid, connecting individual needs with community surplus, and connecting passionate educators with energetic learners.

For almost 50 years, PRC has been a gathering place for people of faith and action from many different perspectives, offering a space for them to exchange ideas and seek support from each other. During the pandemic, PRC’s unique position in the community meant that we received calls from immigration attorneys, health care providers, social workers, pastors, and educators who had constituents or clients with needs that didn’t fit into the larger social services structures. Sometimes even small barriers were keeping people from accessing the services they needed. Rather than duplicating the services that were already offered in our area, we began to focus on directing and easing the connections for persons trying to access these services.

Each community initiative addresses a specific, local need by bringing care providers, non-profits, congregations, and volunteer corps into conversation and cooperation with one another. PRC is able to do this because of the support of our partner faith communities and organizations, volunteers, and donors, large and small. And, as always, we’re listening for the next best way that PRC’s adaptable model can close a gap in service through community connection.

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